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Village plans to transform Moxey Rigby housing complex

Author: Mohamed Farghaly

a new housing development project will convert the old Moxey Rigby apartments into affordable housing as well as senior and veteran housing.

The Village of Freeport is set to embark on a transformative project that will provide housing options for various segments of the community, generate tax revenue for the village, and revitalize a piece of property that was once deemed unusable.

The village partnered with developers to revitalize the former Moxey Rigby property, which was previously under the ownership of the Freeport Authority. Due to its unusable state, the three and a half-acre property has not contributed any tax revenue to the village since the residents who lived there were moved to the New Moxey Rigby housing complex three years ago. 

The proposed development will bring 200 units to the site, with half the units designated as workforce housing for younger people with hopes that affordable housing will be a step to ensure they stay on Long Island. 

The remaining 50 percent will be divided, with 25 percent allocated for senior housing and the other 25 percent for veteran housing. The project is being referred to as a “generational building” since it is designed to benefit different generations of residents. 

“This project is to try to attract and keep our kids on Long Island, keep our seniors and do something to help our veterans,” Village Attorney Howard Colton said. 

In compliance with state regulations, 10 percent of the housing units in the development must be designated as affordable housing, which will be factored into the planning process.

The developer submitted plans to the building department, and a hearing for rezoning is scheduled for April 4. If approved, the village expects to finalize the property purchase by May 28, and construction may commence shortly after. The project is expected to take approximately two years.

According to the village, the housing development project will yield several benefits, including the creation of more construction jobs. Additionally, the village discussed giving preference to Freeport residents for those job opportunities.

The plan for the project involves utilizing the existing structure as much as possible while gutting and renovating the interior. Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations restrict the first floor of the building from being used for residences because of flooding concerns. FEMA regulations aim to mitigate flood damage to buildings and ensure they are safe for habitation in flood-prone areas.

The developers plan to offer new amenities, such as a gym and a parking lot, which were not available in the original 1950s building. The building’s exterior will be completely changed. Renderings and schematics are available to the public.

Mayor Robert Kennedy and the village believe that the housing development project will stimulate economic growth in the surrounding area by attracting more people and encouraging the opening of new restaurants and businesses. It was noted that the project’s proximity to the parkway and major roads will allow for easy access to and from the area.

The new multi-housing complex is set to bring convenience and accessibility to residents with its location in a creative environment within walking distance of various amenities. The complex will be located near a Target store that offers a grocery store, as well as popular shopping outlets. In addition, the complex offers easy access to public transportation with bus lines and the train station less than half a mile away. 

“The redevelopment of the old Moxey Rigby property will allow our children, seniors, and veterans the opportunity to stay in Freeport and on Long Island, as well as providing needed construction jobs and tax relief for our residents on a property that hasn’t generated property taxes since 1957,” Kennedy said.

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